More people than ever are on the run


The UN Refugee Agency is currently counting more people on the run than ever before. Many conflicts in the world continue, and more have come in 2020.

According to UN refugee aid, more than 80 million people are currently on the run worldwide. The German partner of the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR) announced on Tuesday in Bonn that there were more than ever. The corona pandemic has exacerbated the situation. Since 2019, the number of refugees has increased by ten million people.

“Corona changed the reality of people’s lives worldwide in 2020, for many of the 80 million people on the run the pure struggle for survival now comes first,” said the managing director of UN refugee aid, Peter Ruhenstroth-Bauer. “We mustn’t leave these people alone.” In addition to acute emergency aid, they needed prospects for a better future. Of the 7.4 billion euros needed for refugee aid in 2020, the UNHCR only received a good half by the beginning of December.

In 2020, long-term conflicts such as those in Yemen or Syria were added to new sources of fire, for example in Ethiopia and the African Sahel zone with countries such as Chad, Mali and Niger. In Europe, the fires in the Moria refugee camp left more than 12,000 people seeking protection homeless. The situation of refugees in Bosnia is also getting worse. In the Mediterranean, more than 1,000 people died while fleeing or are missing.

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