More than 20 people die: Winter weather brings chaos to the USA and Mexico


More than 20 people die
Winter weather brings chaos to USA and Mexico

Texas temperatures very rarely go below freezing. But for days the southern states of the USA and the northern part of Mexico have been hit by a historic cold snap. More than 20 people have already died. There is still no prospect of relaxation.

According to media reports, more than 20 people have died as a result of the onset of winter in the USA and neighboring Mexico. Unusually cold winter weather has parts of the United States under control. In southern Texas, hardest hit by the cold snap, a woman and girl who tried to warm up using a car were suffocated, according to NBC News. In the city of Houston, two homeless people froze to death, as the sheriff’s office in Harris County announced.

In Louisiana, a man died of a head injury after falling on slippery ice. A ten-year-old boy died on Sunday in Tennessee after he and his six-year-old sister broke into a frozen pond. Several people died in weather-related traffic accidents in Texas, Kentucky and Missouri.

The extreme winter weather triggered at least four tornadoes, according to the website, including one in North Carolina that killed at least three people and injured ten others.

According to the authorities, six people died in northern Mexico, five of them from hypothermia and one suffocated from a defective heating system, the local authorities said. The cold had frozen gas pipes, which resulted in blackouts.

A “historic storm”

The White House announced that US President Joe Biden had spoken to the governors of the affected states such as Texas, Louisiana and Kentucky about the “extreme winter weather”. The government will use all available resources to help the people survive “this historic storm”.

In the United States, more than 3.5 million homes and businesses were without electricity on Tuesday evening. In order to avoid overloading the grids, the electricity suppliers in Texas have switched off individual plants since the weekend. According to the website, more than three million households in the southern state alone had no electricity. Customers should be prepared for the fact that the supply could possibly be interrupted beyond Tuesday evening, said the power company in the city of Austin on Twitter.

In Chicago in the north of the USA, meanwhile, the snow was piling up. There the residents struggled to free their cars from the snow masses.

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