“Most irresponsible president”: Biden attacks Trump for blocking stance


US President-elect Joe Biden has described the incumbent Donald Trump’s blockade stance as “completely irresponsible”. His refusal to recognize the result of the election harms the reputation of democracy. If necessary, Biden wants to legally force the government to cooperate.

The elected US President Joe Biden has again sharply criticized incumbent Donald Trump for not recognizing the outcome of the election and for blocking a handover of official business. At a press conference in his hometown of Wilmington, Biden condemned “incredible irresponsibility” on the part of the Republican. Trump is sending “incredibly harmful messages to the world about how democracy works”.

Looking at Trump’s various efforts to undermine the election result, Biden said he would go down in history as America’s “most irresponsible president”. Trump’s behavior was “outrageous,” said Biden. “It’s hard to see how this man thinks.” Biden had already described Trump’s actions as an “embarrassment”, but now tightened the tone. When asked, the US Democrat did not rule out the possibility of using legal means to force the government to work with his transition team. However, this is currently not planned because it is too time-consuming.

Biden, who was declared the winner of the November 3rd election, is to be sworn in as president on January 20th. He urged Trump to cooperate mainly because of the corona pandemic: Biden warned that without cooperation “more people” could die, for example due to delays in the delivery of a future vaccine. In view of the rapidly increasing number of infections, the future president said he would not order a nationwide shutdown. He currently sees no situation that would make a “total national shutdown necessary”. “I think that would be counterproductive.” In addition, the situation in the 50 US states is too different.

Decision for future finance minister is available

Biden, who will turn 78 on Friday, also announced that he has already made his decision about a future finance minister. He will announce the decision on the Thanksgiving holiday next Thursday. At the moment, Lael Brainard, who sits on the governing body of the US Federal Reserve, and the financial expert Roger Ferguson are given good chances for the top position.

Trump has not admitted defeat in the November 3 presidential election. He speaks of alleged massive election fraud and has filed a number of lawsuits. Electoral authorities and experts strongly disagree and stress that Biden legitimately won the election.

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