Murat Gassiev: “Povetkin’s mistake was to get revenge with White, not recovering from his illness”


On March 27, Alexander Povetkin had a rematch with Dillian White. From the very first seconds of the fight, everything was not in favor of the Russian. The 41-year-old fighter missed many punches, staggered, could not properly respond with his own blow and lost early in the fourth round. According to Murat Gassiev, the owner of the world heavyweight champion belt according to the Ren-TV channel, Alexander has not yet fully recovered from his illness and it was in his interests to delay the rematch a little more.

“Probably the mistake of Sasha and his team was that he had been ill with the coronavirus and did not recover, he was not 100% ready. Even at the weigh-in, it was clear that he was not in the same shape as in the first fight. I think it was necessary to take a break, practice a little more and then go into battle. But Povetkin is a very experienced boxer, one might even say great, and he himself knew what would be best for him. Unfortunately, he lost. Let’s see what will happen next”.

“I have no right to advise Alexander. I think he hasn’t said everything in boxing yet. He will definitely fight a few more fights, maybe even in Russia and finish his performances on a beautiful note. “

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