Murat Gassiev: “There is nothing special about Dillian White, he can be defeated”


27-year-old Murat Gassiev believes that he may well defeat Briton Dillian White. Murat was not too impressed by White’s performance against Alexander Povetkin on March 27. Despite a landslide victory, Gassiev cannot put White in the top five of the best heavyweights in the world.

However, before going into battle with the Briton, Murat Gassiev wants to have a few more fights. Over the past two and a half years, Murat has spent a little over one and a half minutes in the ring and he would not want a simple one to negatively affect him.

He made his heavyweight debut last year when he entered the ring against Albanian Tyson Nuri Seferi. The most experienced 44-year-old fighter was not only ten years younger and a couple of centimeters taller than the “real” Tyson, but also spent 96 more rounds in the professional ring than “Iron Mike”. However, even in spite of this, Murat in a brilliant style dealt with his rival and won the title of the world heavyweight champion according to the version of the TV channel “Ren-TV”.

“Dillian White is in the top ten, maybe sixth or seventh, but he is not a leader. After his fight with Povetkin, an unpleasant impression was left. Somehow I didn’t think about going to Dillian, but after watching the fight, to be honest, there is nothing special about it. This person, with whom you can box, whom you can defeat – there would be a desire. “

“At the moment, I would definitely not agree to such a fight, because I still need to carry out several fights. And so, I will spend two fights and will be ready to box with him, and with any boxer from the top ten. I have a huge desire, huge ambitions. The main thing is that there are opportunities and battles. I want to quickly return to the ring and show good boxing. “

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