“Musk, amber and velvet”: Drake sells candles that smell of him


“Musk, Amber and Velvet”
Drake sells candles that smell like him

The Canadian rapper Drake is a real jack-of-all-trades. In addition to music, he shows himself as a Netflix series producer, has his own clothing brand and now he is devoting himself to the world of scents with his own collection of candles. One of them is supposed to smell like him – the smells sound extremely luxurious.

Often something new: Instead of always just focusing on his hearing, the rapper Drake has recently focused on his sense of smell. And brought out a not very cheap scented candle collection – just in time for Christmas, of course. The most expensive direction of smell is the candle, which is supposed to smell like the rapper himself.

The 34-year-old successful artist is opening up new branches of business. The rapper has teamed up with the Swiss company Givaudan, the largest manufacturer of flavors and fragrances, for his scented candle project. The different types have names like “Good Thoughts” or “Sweeter Tings” and cost 47 euros each.

For this you get a candle in a blue glass and a gold pen for personalization. A candle with its own cut. Not exactly cheap, but one smell is much more expensive: For “Carby Musk” the customer has to put 78 euros on the table. This scented candle is supposed to convey the rapper’s personal scent.

Notes of musk, amber and velvet

According to the description, you can imagine it as follows: “With notes of musk, amber, cashmere, suede and velvet. It actually smells like Drake, it is the personal scent it wears that has inspired BWFH.” BWFH refers to Drake’s fragrance company “Better World Fragrance House”.

According to an Instagram post from Revolve, a company that sells the candles online, Drake also made a personal recommendation for hours of indulgence with his candles.

One should listen to the album “Live in Eugene” by the roots reggae band Midnite. If you are still wondering whether you would like to give your loved one or your best friend one of the Drake candles for Christmas: The candles available so far are all sold out according to the current status.

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