Nancy Pelosi announces commission of inquiry


After the failed impeachment process, there is a new push by the Democrats: The storming of the US Capitol by Trump supporters is to be dealt with by an independent commission.

Less than six weeks after the violent storming of the US Capitol, the chairman of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, announced the establishment of an independent commission of inquiry. Pelosi said on Monday that it had to examine the background and consequences of the “domestic terrorist attack” and the actions of all security forces involved. The commission is to be based on the one that was set up by Congress after the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.

The Democrat’s move came two days after the impeachment trial against ex-President Donald Trump failed in the Senate. According to Pelosi, the commission should also investigate Trump’s efforts to prevent the peaceful transfer of power. The Democrats accuse the Republican of encouraging his supporters to storm the Capitol at a January 6 rally.

6,000 soldiers still deployed at the Capitol

Five people were killed in the attack on the seat of Congress, including a police officer. Members of parliament, senators and the then Vice President Mike Pence were brought to safety just minutes before the angry mob stormed the meeting rooms. Congress met that day to certify the result of the presidential election that Trump lost.

The Capitol has been largely cordoned off since then, and around 6,000 National Guard soldiers are still deployed there to protect Parliament from new attacks. Pelosi said in her letter to the MPs that a first review of the security measures had made it clear that a supplementary budget was needed to better protect Congress and its members in the future.

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