Navalny accuses Google and Apple of complicity with the Kremlin

Navalny accuses Google and Apple of complicity with the Kremlin

The imprisoned opposition leader Alexei Navalny saw clear evidence of election rigging in Russia. The Kremlin critic also blames several large tech companies.

The imprisoned Russian government critic Alexej Navalny has accused the US technology companies Google and Apple of complicity with the Kremlin. “If anything surprised me in the past elections, it was not how (President Vladimir) Putin falsified the results, but how obediently the all-powerful tech companies became his accomplices,” wrote Navalny on Thursday on Twitter.

In the parliamentary elections in Russia last week, US corporations bowed to pressure from the Russian authorities: They removed the opposition’s “Smart Voting” app from their app stores, which made election recommendations for opposition alliances against the ruling party. The messenger service Telegram also deleted the voting information from its online service.

Violent allegations by the Kremlin critic

Google and Apple are run by “cowardly and greedy” people, said Navalny, who is currently serving a two-year sentence in a prison camp. “They tell us that they are ‘making the world a better place’, but inside they are liars and hypocrites.” The Kremlin critic also said he was “terribly angry and disappointed” with Telegram chief Pavel Durov.

In the parliamentary election overshadowed by allegations of fraud, President Putin’s ruling party had, according to official information, won the day.

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