Neo-noir film “No Sudden Move”: Soderbergh throws gangsters into chaos

Neo-noir film “No Sudden Move”: Soderbergh throws gangsters into chaos

In Detroit in the 1950s, Don Cheadle and Benicio Del Toro meet as unequal crooks for a joint job. With “No Suddden Move”, director Steven Soderbergh is once again the master of the twisty gangster story.

With “No Sudden Move”, Steven Soderbergh is once again dedicating himself to a genre that is particularly close to his heart: the somewhat different gangster film, as he did with the “Ocean’s Eleven” trilogy, among others. And he is again relying on a lot of stars who like to be staged by him. Among them are Don Cheadle, Benicio del Toro, Brendan Fraser and Ray Liotta.

It’s 1954 in Motorcity Detroit. Curt Goynes (Don Cheadle) has just been released from prison and actually wants to leave the depressing city as soon as possible for Kansas City. Unfortunately, his past gets in the way with this plan, and so he first has an assignment for a gangster syndicate to do.

He carries out the so-called “babysitting job” with Ronald Russo (Benicio Del Toro) and Charley Barnes (Kieran Culkin), whom he provides underworld intermediary Jones (Brendan Fraser). They are supposed to get General Motors employee Matt Wertz (David Harbor) to steal valuable documents from his boss’ safe. But of course the whole action gets completely out of hand and the nerves of everyone involved are bare … The fact that Ronald is also having an affair with the Mafia-sized woman Frank Capelli (Ray Liotta) does not necessarily play into the trio’s cards .

Trust no one

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“No Sudden Move” offers a first-class noir atmosphere from the first second, because everything has been thought of here. The vintage Warner logo and the jazzy background music provide the right setting. The look of the pictures and the lovingly detailed equipment do the rest to maintain this gloomy mood, broken by loose dialogues, over the entire 116 minutes. The fact that the story takes place in run-down Detroit is of course no coincidence, the city as a motor city plays a decisive role and is accordingly staged.

The story itself is full of surprising twists, because in the gangster business nobody can really trust the other. While the Afro-American Curt usually acts deliberately and intelligently, but has a difficult position due to his origins, Ronald is an impulsive level drinker with many vices. The two of them don’t really like each other, but they soon realize that they only have the chance to survive this job together and to get the really big money in the process. Incidentally, Soderbergh has once again taken over the camera himself under his pseudonym Peter Andrews and supports the twists and turns of the event with the help of unusual angles and the use of the fisheye.

In the end, “No Sudden Move” comes up with another surprise in the form of a Hollywood star who is neither shown in the trailer nor mentioned in advertising materials and opening credits. The whole thing would be surprising even without his commitment, since this part of the story is suddenly based on a true incident. This is the first time ever mentioned at this late point in time, which seems a bit out of place. Nevertheless, “No Sudden Move” is the work of a real master of the genre that is absolutely worth seeing and certainly the perfect moment to ignore the streaming services and finally return to the cinema.

“No Sudden Move” will be in cinemas from June 24th.

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