Netanyahu calls for resistance to future government

Netanyahu calls for resistance to future government

A new coalition of eight parties has formed in Israel. The incumbent Prime Minister Netanyahu wants to rebel against it – and is looking for allies.

Israel’s outgoing Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has called on Twitter for resistance from parliamentarians to the future government. He criticized his designated successor Naftali Bennett from the far-right Jamina party on Thursday. “Any Knesset MP elected with the right votes must oppose the dangerous left government,” wrote Netanyahu on Twitter. “Bennett sold the Negev to Raam.”

Raam is said to be the first Arab party to sit in an Israeli government. Political expert Jonathan Freeman classifies them as religious and moderate Islamic. The Negev desert is located in the south of the country. According to media reports, part of the coalition agreement is to temporarily suspend the destruction of illegal buildings in the Negev desert. This mainly affects Bedouin villages.

Slight majority of 61 MPs

On Wednesday evening, the previous opposition leader Jair Lapid from the Future Party informed President Reuven Rivlin that he had formed a coalition with eight parties from all political camps. The future government has a narrow majority of 61 of the 120 MPs. However, it still has to be sworn in.

Part of the coalition is, among other things, the Jamina party of ex-Defense Secretary Bennett. According to a rotation agreement, he will initially become head of government and be replaced by Lapid two years later. That would end the Netanyahu era as prime minister. It would be the first government in twelve years to be formed without him.

It is expected that Netanyahu and his supporters will try with all their might until the swearing-in to bring down the shaky alliance between Lapid and Bennett. Netanyahu compared his Likud party on Twitter with the alliance between Lapid and Bennett. Among other things, he emphasized that under the Likud the Arab sector would receive much less money than under its opponents.

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