Netflix can’t film Britney Spears custody trial

Netflix can’t film Britney Spears custody trial

The singer’s testimony was decided to be kept secret.

The pop princess of the 90s continues the battle for the right to control her life. Britney Spears wants to prove to the court that she is able to raise children and make independent decisions.

She has been deprived of these rights for more than 10 years, her father was recognized as an official guardian. In mid-June, a regular court hearing will take place in Los Angeles, at which Britney planned to testify.

Tricky father: Netflix can‘t film Britney Spears custody trial

The story of the collapse of the star’s life is filmed by the Netflix team. The documentary project will tell about the time during which Britney is under the tutelage of her father. It is known that several scenes from the courtroom were also intended to be included in the film.

“Since Britney finally decided to talk for the first time and testify for the first time, we decided that we simply had to remove it, the courts should have given us the green light,” one of the Netflix representatives told the Daily Star. However, the court rejected the TV crews’ petition without explaining the reasons.

Treacherous Father: Netflix Can‘t Film Britney Spears Custody Trial

“There will not be a single camera at the trial,” Themis ministers told reporters. Insiders believe that pressure on the court is exerted by Britney’s father. The man does not want the tangled history of his family to become public.

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