New attempt in Wisconsin: Trump continues to fight the election result


New start in Wisconsin
Trump continues to fight the election result

He doesn’t want to give up at all. With the help of his team, US President Donald Trump is trying again to challenge the election result in the US state of Wisconsin. The incumbent does not seem to care much that this would not change the end result.

US President Donald Trump’s lawyers have made another attempt to challenge the result of the presidential election in the US state of Wisconsin. Trump’s campaign team has filed a motion with the Washington Supreme Court to overturn a decision by the Wisconsin Supreme Court, a statement said.

At the beginning of December, a majority of the judges there refused to hear a lawsuit with which Trump’s lawyers wanted, among other things, to ensure that more than 220,000 ballot papers sent by post are not included in the count. If the lawsuit – as requested by the Trump camp – is heard, it would turn the outcome in Wisconsin, claimed Trump’s attorney Jim Troupis.

A Trump victory in Wisconsin would not have changed the outcome of the election. Overall, the Democrat Joe Biden won the election by a clear margin. So far, Trump has not admitted his defeat and claims that he was deprived of victory through massive fraud.

Neither Trump nor his lawyers provided any substantive evidence to support these claims. More than 50 lawsuits from the Trump camp have so far been thrown out of the courts, including before the Supreme Court.

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