new fairy godmother Billy Porter has HIV

new fairy godmother Billy Porter has HIV

The actor explained why for a long time he did not dare to speak about it openly.

new fairy godmother Billy Porter has HIV

Billy Porter, cast as the fairy godmother in the new interpretation of Cinderella, revealed his HIV status. The black actor gave a frank interview to the Hollywood Reporter.

Ever since Porter was approved for the role, he has been heavily criticized by more conservative audiences. The audience did not understand why a white woman could not play Cinderella, since this scenario was more in line with the plot. Billy was in no hurry to respond to criticism.

Recently, it became known at all that it is not the first year that Porter has been struggling with a problem that is more serious than someone else’s censure. Doctors diagnosed Billy with HIV. The man had to hide the diagnosis from the directors and his mother.

“For a long time, everyone who should have known about it, except for my mother. I tried to live and build a career, but I was not sure what I could do if the wrong people found out about it. For them, it would be another reason for discrimination, ”he voiced his thoughts.

Now, when he began to feel better, Porter decided to talk about everything publicly.

“I have lived with a feeling of shame for a long time, I think it will haunt me for a long time. I am sure that now this diagnosis is the first thing that people will mention when talking about me. But I don’t care. I am much more than this diagnosis. If you don’t want to work with me because of your HIV status, you just don’t deserve me, ”the actor came to the categorical conclusion.

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