New violence at demo against security law


The French government has revised the new security law. But many believe that this is not enough. There are protests across the country – and violent riots.

Tensions have risen again during the demonstration against the planned security law in Paris. Cars were set on fire on Saturday afternoon and several shop windows were damaged, as can be seen on TV images. A small truck was burning in one street and a thick cloud of black smoke hung over the area. According to Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin, there had been 22 arrests by the afternoon. The Paris police complained about a barricade that was stopping the march.

This had started peacefully in the early afternoon at the Porte des Lilas in the east of the city and was supposed to go as far as the Place de la République. Numerous young people were out on the streets, and trade unions were also represented. The police secured the streets around the demonstration and checked some metro exits. The signs of the demonstrators said, for example, “Darmanin resigned” or “France: land of police rights”.

Government deletes controversial passage

A collective made up of trade unions, journalists ‘and victims’ associations and human rights organizations called for the nationwide protest. In other cities such as Lyon, Lille or Toulouse, people took to the streets against the planned law. There was already a mass protest last weekend – at the end of the demo there were massive riots in the capital.

A few days ago, the government majority announced that it would revise a particularly controversial article of the security law. However, the organizations are calling for this passage to be deleted completely. The law also provides for other harshly criticized measures. Above all, this includes the expansion of video surveillance.

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