New weapon system “successful”: North Korea celebrates its missile test


New weapon system “successful”
North Korea celebrates for missile test

Notwithstanding the ban imposed by UN resolutions, North Korea fires two ballistic missiles into the sea. Now the regime is bragging about the allegedly successful test of its latest weapon technology. The world community is concerned and sees the opportunities for dialogue continue to dwindle.

After the internationally criticized testing of two short-range missiles, North Korea claimed technical progress in the development of these weapon systems. The state media reported that the “new type of tactical, controlled projectile” was successfully used in the test. The development of the weapon is “of great importance for the development of the country’s military power and the deterrence of all kinds of military threats on the Korean peninsula,” said the politburo member of the North Korean Labor Party, Ri Pyong Chol, as quoted.

According to South Korea and Japan, North Korea fired two short-range ballistic missiles in the east of the country towards the open sea on Thursday. It was the country’s first test of such missiles in about a year. Tests with ballistic missiles of any range are prohibited in North Korea by UN resolutions. Such missiles are usually surface-to-surface missiles which, depending on their design, can also carry an atomic warhead. North Korea is subject to harsh international sanctions because of its nuclear weapons program.

North Korea further described the tried-and-tested missile as a “weapon system whose warhead weight has been improved to 2.5 tons”. The corresponding key technology has already been developed. As planned, the missile hit a target in the water 600 kilometers from the North Korean east coast. According to the South Korean military, both missiles flew 450 kilometers before falling into the sea.

International Criticism

US President Joe Biden made it clear at a press conference on Thursday that he sees the nuclear dispute with North Korea as a major problem. The US is ready to try to denuclearize North Korea through diplomatic channels. At the same time, he criticized the latest missile test as a violation of North Korea against UN sanctions. Negotiations between the two countries on the North Korean nuclear program have not made any progress for two years.

The federal government also condemned the missile test. South Korea and Japan expressed concern. South Korean President Moon Jae In, who has pursued rapprochement with Pyongyang since taking office four years ago, stressed at a military ceremony that “any action that worsens the mood for dialogue is undesirable”. Now it is time for South and North Korea as well as the USA to make greater efforts to hold talks.

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