“Nightmare for $ 590,000”: Real estate agent tests real estate market with “horror house”

“Nightmare for $ 590,000”: Real estate agent tests real estate market with “horror house”

“Nightmare for $ 590,000”

Real estate agent tests real estate market with “horror house”

A real estate agent in the USA wants to test the pain threshold with buyers and calls a fantasy price for a dirty and shabby house. She notes: maggots or a bestial smell – nothing can deter people who want to buy houses.

The real estate market is spiraling out of control in some places. A realtor from Colorado has now proven that. In order to sound out the buyers’ pain threshold, she started an almost absurd test last week, which in the end leaves her a little perplexed. It seems difficult to understand that now all filth can be sold for expensive money.

House of Hell_Redfin.JPG

The “House of Hell” only looks nice from the outside.

(Foto: Redfin)

According to the US broadcaster CNN, real estate agent Mimi Foster offered a five-bedroom house in the Broadmoor Bluffs Estates neighborhood of Colorado Springs last week. Purchase price: $ 590,000. What comes across as a bargain in a residential area, where villas change hands for 800,000 dollars at the top, has a catch – intended for the test.

Vandalism, destruction, animal excrement and bestial stench await the visitors behind the entrance door of a passable facade, as Foster bluntly admits in her synopsis in order to avoid nasty surprises. It is the “nightmare of every landlord”, writes the real estate agent from Falcon Property. “If you dream of owning your own little piece of hell and turning it into a piece of heaven, look no further!”

The property, which she also calls the “horror house” or “house from hell”, was evicted in 2019 after the residents stopped paying their rent. Their last official act was to take a spray bottle, smear everything, and otherwise leave as much dirt behind as possible. “There is not a square meter that is not rotten and filthy. Everything has to be redone,” says the real estate agent during a tour.

Interested parties have to convince themselves of the stench

Foster estimates the cost of repairing the house to be around $ 150,000. She’s asking a bold price for a house in this condition, she knows that. “I want to test that now!”, However, Foster announced to the broadcaster, and represents an important condition: the interested parties must absolutely get a picture and an impression of the bestial smell for themselves on site. You yourself are not sure whether you have “ever smelled something like that”.

It quickly becomes clear that the house is not going to be slow. Despite the horror description, she received 250 calls from prospects within a day. The real estate agent explains that there are 16 bids. The interest in the property was overwhelming, as a look at the Redfin real estate portal reveals. Foster’s ad for the “Horror House” received a total of 836,000 clicks.

Apparently the property has changed hands in the meantime, and it didn’t take a week: the property was bought by the buyers Worth $ 573,493how to read. In January 2001 the house changed hands for $ 212,750. The value of the house has therefore more than doubled.

The seller who lives outside of Colorado and is believed to be sick can be happy with the sum. Because he could no longer service his mortgage, he was threatened with foreclosure in 2020. Only Corona and the temporary ban on foreclosures during the pandemic prevented this. Thanks to the ambitious purchase price that the realtor Foster has called, all of his debts have now been paid off.

Would you like Above the walls of the living room in the house there is the scribble in large letters: “You will no longer be able to rent it! What was thought to be an evil curse has not come true. The house is even being sold in this state. The proof has been given: There are people who are willing to pay astronomical sums even for dirt holes.

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