No evidence of electoral fraud: judges reject a series of Trump lawsuits


His supporters may believe the fraud allegations, but they do not go to court: In several contested states, the lawyers of the elected US President Trump fail in their attempts to challenge the election results. Several of them are now packing their bags.

Donald Trump has received more defeats in court. In the embattled state of Pennsylvania, two judges on Friday dismissed six lawsuits by the elected US president. The lawyers for his election campaign wanted 9,000 postal votes in the east coast state to be invalidated because the outer envelopes did not contain the name, date or address of the voters. The judges pointed out that, according to the official election papers, this was not necessary either. “Voters should not be disenfranchised because they have relied on the statements of the election officers,” wrote one of them in his judgment.

Since his defeat in the presidential election became apparent, Trump has been railing against alleged electoral fraud by the Democrats over his successful challenger Joe Biden, especially on Twitter. So far, however, there has been no evidence of this – even his lawyers had to admit this repeatedly in court. In the case of the recently dismissed lawsuits in Pennsylvania, they also made it a point that their only concern was to enforce the law. Trump lawyers did not want to accuse the Democrats of fraud in the face of the judges.

Even if they had been successful and the 9,000 votes had been declared invalid, the outcome of the election would not have changed: incoming President Joe Biden had won Pennsylvania by a total of 63,000 votes ahead of Trump.

“Not trustworthy”

Trump also recently suffered a defeat in the equally competitive state of Michigan. A judge there dismissed the lawsuit, according to which the count at a polling station in Detroit should be investigated independently from the outside. As reported by the Washington Post, Judge Timothy M. Kenny said the fraud allegations were “not credible”. If the electoral process were examined extensively, it could take so long that Michigan could not send its voters to the Electoral College in good time. That could undermine confidence in the election.

So far, Trump’s lawyers have had little success, for example in Pennsylvania. Instead, several law firms that supported the outgoing president in contesting the election results have since withdrawn, according to the New York Times.

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