No hope for a cure: Magician Siegfried is said to be terminally ill


No hope of healing
Magician Siegfried is said to be terminally ill

It wasn’t until May that magician Roy Horn died after being infected with the corona virus. Now his long-time partner and stage partner Siegfried Fischbacher is also supposed to wrestle with death. The 81-year-old is terminally ill with pancreatic cancer, it is said.

Siegfried and Roy – for decades these two names could not really be separated. The two German-born magicians made a unique career as a duo. Her magic shows with all kinds of wildcats were long one of the top attractions in Las Vegas – until Roy Horn was seriously injured by his tiger mantacore in 2003.

He was inseparable from Roy Horn.

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Horn never fully recovered from the accident. Since then he has been partially paralyzed. When he was infected with the corona virus in spring 2020, it was too much for his already weakened body. The magician died on May 8 at the age of 75 with an illness of Covid-19.

Now, just eight months later, fate is apparently knocking on the door of his former partner Siegfried Fischbacher. According to information from the “Bild” newspaper, the 81-year-old is suffering from pancreatic cancer. According to Fischbacher, the tumor was removed in a twelve-hour operation. But since the cancer has spread, there is no hope of a cure, they say.

Reconciled with everything

Fischbacher left the clinic at his own request, the “Bild” newspaper reported. He spends the time remaining on his “Little Bavaria” estate in Las Vegas. There he is looked after by a priest and hospice nurses.

“Siegfried is not afraid. He says he had 81 great years of life and was reconciled with everything,” an unnamed friend of the magician is said to have told the newspaper Fischbacher is said to have recorded: “I only went ahead to prepare everything for you. It’s going to be the best show you’ll ever see. “

Horn and Fischbacher met in the 1960s and have since made careers together. The two also became a couple in private.

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