No more hope of an election victory: Kushner suggests Trump give up

No more hope of an election victory: Kushner suggests Trump give up

In public, Donald Trump has so far steadfastly refused to admit his defeat in the US election against Joe Biden. According to a report, his son-in-law seems to be a step further. But there is still radio silence between the old and the new president.

In the immediate vicinity of incumbent President Donald Trump, one gradually comes to the realization that one has lost the election and thus also the White House. CNN, citing two sources, reported that Jared Kushner, son-in-law and close adviser to the President, suggested Trump accept the loss to Joe Biden.

It is not clear whether Trump will bow to public pressure. In the past few days he had stressed several times in two short appearances and on Twitter that he considered himself the winner of the election and that a defeat against Joe Biden would only be possible through cheating. After the US media declared the Democrats the winner on Saturday afternoon, Trump’s campaign staff issued a written statement that Biden “falsely” presented himself as the winner. “The fact is: the election is far from over,” it said. Legal action will be taken against the result on Monday.

The public admission of having lost is an integral part of the unwritten rules of a US presidential election. From the closer environment of the president it was said last but that about such concession speech had not yet been spoken of. According to CNN, there has been no contact between the White House and the campaign team of the newly elected President Joe Biden.

What if Trump refuses?

Trump is not alone in the republican cosmos with his refusal. Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell has so far refused to congratulate Biden on the victory. Most recently, like many other Republicans, he had urged that all votes be counted first. Louisiana Republican MP Steve Scalise made a similar statement. There are still important legal questions that need to be clarified before the result is final, he wrote Twitter. American citizens deserve a fair and transparent election. Scalise did not provide any evidence to what extent the election might have been opaque or unfair.

It remains to be seen what exactly will happen if Trump refuses to admit defeat in the coming weeks. According to the schedule, the Electoral Council will confirm Biden as the upcoming president on December 14th. On January 20, he would be solemnly sworn in in front of the Capitol in Washington and from then on would have control of all federal authorities and, as commander in chief, of the military. If Trump still hasn’t left the White House, Biden might just have him kicked out.

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