“No one is more shocked than me”


The musician is delighted that a woman like Gwen will become his wife.

Blake Shelton never stops talking about his engagement to Gwen Stefani. Recently, at the Stephen Colbert show, the musician noted that he still does not believe that Stephanie is his bride.

“No one is more shocked in this situation than I am. I look at this photo [сделанную в момент предложения Блейка Гвен] and I don’t understand what’s going on, ”Shelton said.

Colbert joked in response: “And she looks so happy! At first I thought – maybe she bet a bet or you took her on weak. But she looks really happy. “

Blake replied to the presenter’s taunts: “Come on, go on, I’ll get through. Believe me, I understand perfectly [как это выглядит со стороны]… But you can’t blame me for grabbing the opportunity [сделать предложение Гвен]».

Shelton and Stephanie announced their engagement last fall after five years of relationship. Their wedding date has not yet been set, as the couple does not want to gather guests during the pandemic.

Earlier in an interview, Blake said that he plans to lose weight for the wedding. He also admitted that he is ready to become a good stepfather for Gwen’s children and can no longer imagine his life without them. “I have a stepfather, he is one of my heroes. I love him, he became like a father to me. So I have a good example, I know what kind of stepfather I would like to become, ”Shelton said.

Photo source: Legion-Media

Author: Yana Shelekhova

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