No organic food in custody – “QAnon” shaman is starving


He would rather go hungry than eat conventional food: the man with a horned fur cap from the US Capitol has not eaten anything since his arrest on Saturday. This became known at his first court hearing.

The man who took part in the storming of the US Capitol in Washington with a horned fur cap and a bare chest was heard for the first time in a court on Monday. Jake Angeli surrendered to the FBI in Phoenix, Arizona on Saturday. The judge Deborah Fine decided after a telephone hearing to leave the 33-year-old in custody for the time being, reports the newspaper “The Arizona Republic”.

His public defender Gerald Williams stated in court that his client hadn’t eaten anything since his arrest. Angeli is on a strict diet, Williams said. But he is not sure whether this is due to religious or health reasons. Judge Fine hired Williams to contact the relevant US marshal, the national judicial officer. “Mr. Chansley needs to eat,” she said. Jake Angeli uses this name in public, but is actually called Jacob Anthony Angeli Chansley.

Mother: Angeli gets sick from conventional food

US Marshal David Gonzales told The Arizona Republic that a solution would be found. One is obliged to adapt to the inmates’ eating habits. Angeli’s mother, Martha Chansley, told journalists that her son would become “very sick” if he did not eat organically grown foods.

Jake Angeli is charged with disturbing the public peace, forced entry and illegally staying in locked rooms in the Capitol accused. Judge Fine will decide on Friday whether he will remain in custody until the charges are brought in Washington. US Marshal Gonzales expects Angeli to remain in custody for years due to the allegations against Angeli. The defendant, however, is not aware of any guilt: “I did nothing wrong, I went through an open door,” he told NBC television.

Angeli is already known to the US authorities: he is regularly noticed during protests in Phoenix. On Facebook he describes himself as a “shamanic practitioner”. In previous interviews, he was also noticed as a denier of the corona pandemic and a supporter of the “QAnon” conspiracy theory.

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