No state database: US government rejects corona vaccination card


No state database
US government rejects corona vaccination card

The introduction of corona vaccination cards is being discussed in several countries in order to be able to return to normal soon. The White House rejects such a state vaccination certificate for the USA. However, private companies could pursue the idea there for large events, for example.

The White House has rejected proposals for a state corona vaccination card in the United States. President Joe Biden’s spokeswoman Jen Psaki said the government does not support a “system” requiring US citizens to carry a vaccination certificate. “There will be no vaccination database at federal level and there will be no order from the federal government that everyone must receive a uniform vaccination certificate.”

Private companies could pursue the idea of ​​a vaccination certificate, said Psaki, for example for sporting events in stadiums. In doing so, however, privacy must be protected. There should also be no “discrimination”. The government wants to draft guidelines, said the Biden spokeswoman.

The possibility of corona vaccination cards is being discussed in a number of countries in order to enable the economy and travel to be reopened safely. Critics warn, among other things, against the introduction of mandatory vaccination through the back door and a restriction of basic rights.

Hope through high vaccination pace

In the USA, the rapid pace of corona vaccinations is raising hopes for a return to normality soon. Most recently, an average of more than three million people were vaccinated each day. Since the campaign began in December, more than 108 million people have received at least one dose of vaccine, and more than 63 million of them have been vaccinated.

California Governor Gavin Newsom on Tuesday announced a possible lifting of the corona restrictions from June 15. However, this only applies if the vaccination campaign continues and the number of infections does not increase. “We can now start planning our lives after the pandemic,” said the politician from Biden’s Democratic Party. “The light at the end of the tunnel has never been brighter.”

Numerous states such as Texas have already lifted their corona restrictions. Biden had criticized this as premature in view of the recent increase in the number of infections. He has called on the population not to let up in the fight against the pandemic.

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