North Korea threatens USA after Biden speech: “gross mistake made”

North Korea threatens USA after Biden speech: “gross mistake made”

US President Joe Biden has described North Korea as a “serious threat” to his country and the rest of the world. The reaction from Pyongyang was not long in coming.

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The self-proclaimed nuclear power North Korea has accused US President Joe Biden of making a serious mistake and threatened with consequences because of his warning about its nuclear weapons program. The main point of the US’s new North Korea policy has now become clear, said the head of the US affairs department at the North Korean State Department, Kwon Jong Gun, on Sunday, referring to Biden’s first speech as President to the US Congress a few days ago . In it, Biden described North Korea as a “serious threat” to the security of the United States and the world.

Kwon described Biden’s statements as intolerable. State media quoted Kwon as saying that Biden “made a gross mistake in the light of today’s perspective.” North Korea will be forced to take appropriate action, “and in time the US will find itself in a very serious situation.”

North Korea is subject to severe sanctions because of its nuclear program

As is customary in Pyongyang, Kwon accused the US of hostile policies and “constant nuclear blackmail.” Kwon presented his country’s development of nuclear weapons as a right to self-defense. North Korea is subject to severe international sanctions because of its nuclear program. Among other things, the country is also developing long-haul rates, which the USA in particular perceives as a danger.

Biden’s comments on North Korea came before a new policy on Pyongyang was published. White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki recently confirmed that the policy review was now complete. The new policy is “an appropriate, practical approach to diplomacy with North Korea, with the aim of eliminating the threat to the US,” the Washington Post quoted a senior US government official on Friday. Details were not initially known.

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