North Korea’s rulers cement position at party leadership


The North Korean ruler Kim Jong Un will also be general secretary of the ruling Labor Party. At a congress he also announced a modernization of weapon systems.

North Korea’s ruler Kim Jong Un has secured his position at the head of the ruling Labor Party and has had a new title given to him. At the eighth party congress in Pyongyang, Kim was appointed general secretary of the organization, the state media reported on Monday. His grandfather Kim Il Sung and his father Kim Jong Il had previously held the title of General Secretary.

The award of the new title to Kim Jong Un was preceded by changes to the party statutes at the Congress, after which the secretariat system was restored. The election itself, the result of which was announced at the party meeting on Sunday’s sixth day, is considered a formality.

Following the death of his father in late 2011, Kim Jong Un was quickly proclaimed supreme leader of the military, the party and the state. Kim is the representative of a dynasty of Stalinist rulers. At the seventh party congress five years ago, he was elected party chairman.

Kim announces expansion of nuclear arsenal

North Korea is internationally isolated because of its nuclear weapons program. In his situation report during the congress, Kim announced an expansion of the country’s nuclear arsenal and a modernization of the weapons systems.

At this year’s congress, the participants reportedly also elected the new members of the party’s central committee, of which Kim is a member. His election as General Secretary reflected the “unanimous will and desire” of all party members, citizens and members of the People’s Army, it said. They guarantee the victory of Korean socialism.

Formally, the Congress, which was originally supposed to be held every five years, is the party’s most important body. However, the seventh congress in May 2016 was the first in 36 years.

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