“Not to be controlled”: Has Trump given up the corona fight?

“Not to be controlled”: Has Trump given up the corona fight?

One week before the presidential election, corona highs are rolling over the USA once more. Trump’s chief of staff indicates at the same time that the government is no longer trying to prevent the spread. His statements cause confusion – and provide adversary Biden with a template.

US presidential candidate Joe Biden has accused incumbent Donald Trump of capitulating to the coronavirus. It was triggered by comments from Trump’s Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, which revealed that the White House is currently more confident in treating those who are sick than in taking measures to prevent the virus from spreading. The number of new infections in the US is currently at its highest level to date.

“We will not control the pandemic,” Meadows said in a live interview on CNN on Sunday. This is because you are dealing with a highly contagious virus like the flu, argued Meadows. In the heated exchange with CNN presenter Jake Tapper, it remained open whether Meadows wanted to say that the spread of corona was difficult to get under control – or whether the White House did not want to try. “What we will have under control is that we will be given vaccines, medication and other measures for relief,” said Trump’s chief of staff.

Biden described Meadows’ remarks as an admission that Trump’s government “has given up even trying to bring the pandemic under control”. Meanwhile, Trump again claimed in an election campaign on Sunday that the US would soon be over the mountain in the Corona crisis. “We turn the curve, we have the vaccines, we have everything. We turn the curve. Even without the vaccines, we turn the curve. It will pass,” said the president of New Hampshire.

The number of corona deaths exceeded the 225,000 mark on Sunday. The vaccines are still in the test phase. The top virologist in the USA, Anthony Fauci, expressed the prognosis that a vaccine could in principle be ready by the end of November or beginning of December. However, US government experts assume that sufficient vaccine doses will not be available for all Americans until the spring.

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