Now Angela Merkel’s disciples have to repent


What to do if the number of infected people increases enormously? There is nothing to avoid a real lockdown after Easter. Or do they just keep doing what they want in the countries?

Last night Angela Merkel was on Anne Will’s show and commented on everything that goes wrong / is tricky / screwed up. She didn’t avoid the bush and tried to save what can be saved. Again her demeanor, which lets her admit mistakes, where she not only made mistakes, but was surrounded by at least 16 accomplices, was captivating. Some of them, like Winfried Kretschmann and Markus Söder, freely admitted their complicity. The other colleagues were noticed by a booming silence.

The pandemic strikes again. We are in the middle of the third wave. The numbers are increasing day by day. Since March 2020, 2.7 million have been proven to be infected and almost 76,000 people have died of Covid. The incidence in Germany is currently 134, far too high. In Thuringia (232) and Saxony (183) it is alarmingly higher. Schleswig-Holstein (67), Saarland (78) and Rhineland-Palatinate (99) remain below 100. How much longer?

Of course, and that is the culprit, Germany is not vaccinating fast enough. As of yesterday, around 8.6 million people were vaccinated once, around 3.8 million twice. In Berlin, where things are going amazingly well, it’s the turn of the 70-year-olds in the next few days.

Is a hodgepodge of measures enough?

France is an example of perseverance out of need. There is a curfew from 6 p.m. You have to imagine this: the country that invented this wonderful laissez-faire seals itself off before sunset. In England, where half of the population is vaccinated, cafes, restaurants etc. are expected to reopen on April 12th. Enviable.

And we? With Anne Will, the Chancellor never tired of listing what should apply from now on. If things go well, there will be massively more vaccinations starting in April, including those from general practitioners. It looks like the federal government is starting to require companies to work from home by law, as the polite request has remained unheard of. Tests and self-tests are increasing, also in schools and daycare centers. Otherwise we are only allowed to sit down with someone who does not live with us. How puny, what a shame. We should forego travel and mobility. Happy Easter.

But is this hodgepodge of individual measures enough? Each sanction makes sense in itself and the combination of the many is right. But is it right enough? Doesn’t the raging mutation have to be cracked down on?

Bavaria’s Prime Minister Markus Söder: “The Chancellor would have my support.” (Source: Sven Simon / imago images)

Söder’s suggestion of strength

The Chancellor would have liked to have introduced more restrictions in October. But quite a few men and women from the countries did not want them. In that historic night session a week ago, too, many did not want a lot and that is also why this lousy compromise came about after annoying hours, which could not even be implemented.

Markus Söder was allowed to comment on what the Chancellor had said to Anne Will in the “Tagesthemen”, not Armin Laschet, the CDU chairman and possible candidate for Chancellor. As always, Söder found the right words in the powerful tone. His strength is the suggestion of strength, and he does it really well. Again he was at one with the Chancellor, saying that more crackdown would make sense and that going it alone, as in Saarland, is immoral.

Angela Merkel and Markus Söder are on a mission. You are trying with power to regain trust. In the beginning there was an outspoken apology. Now Söder indicated that federal law would be better in such crises, so that we-do-already-do-on principle-but-not-everything-as-the-Chancellor-wants to finally stop. It is also true that the confusion began last early summer when the heads of government no longer followed the chancellor. Has going it alone been good for the country? Definitely not since autumn.

Cafe operators are driven insane

What to do? Obviously, only a lockdown can ensure that the number of infected and dead people at least does not increase any further. It’s not fun, it certainly won’t go down well at the beginning of spring. Restaurant / retail / coffee shop owners are being driven insane, but what would the alternative be? Other countries got out of the woods in this way. Three quarters of Germans said in the latest survey that they agree with the prevailing restrictions or even for tougher rules.

And then all prime ministers, especially those of the SPD, should remember that they too contributed to the crisis of confidence. The Chancellor took up the cross, yes, but that is precisely why the disciples could emulate their sense of responsibility.

Otherwise the pandemic will be over at some point and democracy will be ailing.

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