Nuclear submarine announced: Kim: “USA’s greatest enemy of North Korea”


Nuclear submarine announced
Kim: “USA’s greatest enemy of North Korea”

During his term in office, Donald Trump tried – at least temporarily – to improve relations with North Korea. In vain: shortly before the change of power in Washington, Kim Jong Un is again raising the mood against the arch enemy USA. The nuclear program should continue.

A week and a half before the inauguration of US President-elect Joe Biden, North Korea’s ruler Kim Jong Un has described the United States as his country’s “greatest enemy”. Pyongyang must concentrate on “disrupting the United States,” Kim said, according to state media reports at the five-year congress of the Korean Labor Party, which he leads. The US is the “greatest obstacle to our revolution,” Kim continued.

Without specifically naming Biden, Kim said, according to a report by the official KCNA news agency, “No matter who (in the US) is in power, the true nature of your policy against North Korea will never change.”

Kim and the outgoing US President Donald Trump were at least temporarily connected with a certain amount of sympathy. Both leaders met three times in person. However, the last summit between Trump and Kim in Hanoi in February 2019 failed. Since then, the US government’s negotiations with Pyongyang to dismantle North Korea’s nuclear program have been on hold. Tensions between North and South Korea also intensified again.

Kim has attacked future US President Biden sharply in the past. Among other things, he called the former US Vice President a “mad dog”. Biden, in turn, characterized the North Korean ruler as a “criminal” during the US presidential election campaign.

During the three-day party congress, Kim also spoke about the further development of the North Korean nuclear and ballistic missile program. The country has now completed plans for a nuclear-powered submarine, he said. Drafts for such a submarine are in the “final review phase”. Such a weapon would change the strategic balance of power, as it would enable Pyongyang to secretly transport missiles close to the US coast and thus drastically shorten the warning time before a possible attack.

North Korea is internationally isolated because of its nuclear weapons program. The sanctions imposed on the program are hampering its economic development. At a meeting of the party’s Central Committee at the end of 2019, Kim said that Pyongyang was no longer bound by its moratorium on tests for atomic bombs and ICBMs.

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