nude Kunaki snuggled up to her brother

nude Kunaki snuggled up to her brother

The model, which is rumored to be on the verge of divorce, warms up the public more and more.

The beautiful model Tina Kunaki shocked fans with an intimate photo, in which she appeared naked in the arms of her own older brother.

Recently, in the press every now and then gossip about the possible parting of a charming mulatto with Vincent Cassel. Not so long ago, Kunaki was seen in the company of her own photographer – together with a man, Kunaki passionately hugged, in every possible way demonstrating her disposition towards him in public.

The other day, an even more piquant photo appeared on the Web, in which Tina poses in the arms of her older brother Zachary. Of the clothes they were wearing only underwear, while the model coquettishly pressed against the naked torso of her brother.

On the Web, not everyone understood the idea of ​​the photographer Mario Testino and the models.

nude Kunaki snuggled up to her brother

“Have you seen Kassel? I wonder what he will say to this? ”,“ Hot, very hot ”,“ Crazy sex ”,“ Tina went crazy ”,“ As for me, it was too vulgar and vulgar, ”“ Nightmare, just a nightmare, ”wrote those who were not indifferent.

Photo source: Legion-media

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