Numerous Republicans want to found a new party


The Trump cause divides the Republicans further. Now many high-ranking disappointed members even want to found a new party. Many once worked for predecessors of the ex-president.

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Dozens of Republicans have held talks to form a new center-right party, according to insiders. Horror at the behavior of former President Donald Trump and the party’s lack of distancing from Trump led to a first meeting, four people familiar with the matter told Reuters on Wednesday.

More than 120 former Republican elected officials, officials from the Republican governments of former Presidents Trump, Ronald Reagan, George Bush Sr., George W. Bush, as well as Republican advisors and former ambassadors attended the talks, according to participants.

Another decisive factor in the formation of the splinter party was that more than half of the Republicans in Congress voted against the confirmation of Joe Biden’s election victory, according to insider circles. The splinter group set itself the basis for their new party formation compliance with the constitution and the rule of law.

The talks highlight the broad intra-party divide among Republicans created by Trump’s allegations of electoral fraud. Most Republicans remain loyal to Trump, others are calling for a new direction for the party.

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