Ohara Davis: “Eddie Hearn didn’t even watch Crawford vs. Brook fight”


28-year-old British fighter Ohara Davis advised young boxers not to trust the promoters they work with too much. Ohara cited Kell Brook as an example. As soon as he ceased to be of value to Matchroom Boxing, Eddie Hearn immediately stopped working with him and their seemingly friendly relationship came to an abrupt end.

“Hearn didn’t even watch his fight against Crawford. In one interview, I saw Eddie say, “In the morning I will wake up and see that Brooke is the world champion.” These words tell us that Hearn didn’t even intend to watch this fight live from the beginning. Since Brooke doesn’t make him profit and doesn’t fight on Matchroom Boxing, he doesn’t care about him, even though he has worked with him for 8 years. “

“All this shows us that there is no friendship in boxing. This is a lesson for novice boxers – when a promoter pretends to be your friend, jokes with you, has fun, treats you – don’t get fooled by it. As soon as your ass gets kicked and it is not profitable to cooperate with you, then for him you become an empty place. “

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