Ohara Davis talks about Kell Brook’s career options

Ohara Davis talks about Kell Brook’s career options

The famous light and welterweight fighter from Great Britain, Ohara Davis, advised Kell Brook to arrange a final fight against his compatriot Amir Khan. This fight has been discussed in the press for many years and Davis believes that it would be foolish to end his career without earning the last and not determining the strongest.

“What I don’t want to see is Kell Brook becoming a gatekeeper. He is a top contender. It is necessary to assess all the damage that he took in recent battles and, probably, try to earn money in the end before retirement. I want him to meet with Amir Khan. Everyone has been asking for this fight for years. It certainly won’t sell as well as it did a few years ago, but the profit will still be tangible. Everyone wants to see this fight and I am no exception. “

“They have to fight this fight for boxing. They cannot leave this sport without having such a fight. Then Han and Brook will analyze the past and think that it probably should have been organized after all. I think this is what Kell Brook should do, ”said Ohara.

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