Olaf Scholz in “ntv Frühstart”: “That happens when populists get power”

Olaf Scholz in “ntv Frühstart”: “That happens when populists get power”

Olaf Scholz in “ntv early start”

“This is what happens when populists get power”

The storm on the Capitol is also a shock for top German politicians. Vice Chancellor Scholz blames the outgoing US President Trump in “ntv Frühstart”. For Scholz, as well as for FDP General Secretary Wissing, the events are a warning against populists.

Vice Chancellor and Federal Minister of Finance Olaf Scholz sees responsibility for the violent riots in Washington DC with US President Donald Trump. “Donald Trump is responsible for what happened there. He can’t talk that away,” said Scholz on the ntv show “Frühstart”.

Scholz described the violent entry of Trump supporters into the US parliament as “depressing” and “terrifying”. Trump had previously “told the wrong story of electoral fraud and the stolen election the whole time”. In addition, the US president “incited many people and did not hold them back,” said Scholz, adding: “That is clearly something you experience when populists get power.”

With a view to the parliamentary buildings and democratic institutions in Germany, the SPD candidate for chancellor said: “The democratic buildings must be protected. But much more: we all together must protect our democracy from populism.”

Wissing: “Trump has failed completely”

FDP General Secretary Volker Wissing also sees the storming of the Capitol in Washington as a warning signal for democratic states around the world. “By now at the latest it should be clear to everyone that our democracies are at risk if they are not actively defended,” said Wissing, also in the “ntv early start”.

Democracies have the task of taking everyone with them in society. “Here Donald Trump has failed completely on all levels”. But more needs to be communicated and explained in Germany too. “The population in Germany is also at risk of being divided, especially in these difficult times of pandemic.”

The events in Washington are an attempt to take the dignity of democracy, Wissing said. “And a missed opportunity for Donald Trump to show the world that he is an upright Democrat after all.” He spurred people on.

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