Oleksandr Usyk: “I won’t say that I am a big fan of the Klitschko brothers’ boxing”


Former undisputed world champion in the first heavyweight division, Alexander Usik, admitted that he is not an ardent fan of boxing, which at one time was shown by Vitaly and Vladimir Klitschko. In doing so, he claims to maintain a wonderful relationship with both brothers.

“I have a fairly good relationship with Wladimir Klitschko. I treat him great, because these two lads raised our country to a high level of sports. We were in Tallinn in 2005 for the European champion, I was 16 or 17 years old. When we were asked : “Where are you from?”, And we answered that from Ukraine, people said: “Ukraine? Shevchenko, Klitschko. ”That was it.

I won’t say that I am a big boxing fan of Vitaly and Vladimir, but what they have done and continue to do for the sport is very cool. I have a fairly normal and healthy relationship with both. We’re on the phone, we can have lunch. Vitaly Vladimirovich can call: “Let’s have lunch, let’s talk.” I answer: “With pleasure.” We can talk about sports, about life, he can give some advice, “said Alexander Usyk in an interview with the Rumors Go YouTube channel.

As a reminder, Usik also commented on the possible transfer to Top Rank.

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