On one condition: Biden agrees to return to Iran deal


Under one condition
Biden pledges return to Iran deal

Under Trump, the United States withdrew from the nuclear deal with Iran. As with so many measures, his successor is now taking a different direction: The US government is promising a return to the agreement – but only if Iran goes along with it unreservedly.

The new US administration has now also promised in writing to return to the international nuclear agreement with Iran, but has made it conditional. This emerges from a statement by the foreign ministers of the United States, Germany, France and Great Britain. “I am delighted that the new American administration is returning to the path of diplomacy,” said Foreign Minister Heiko Maas after the meeting. “It is our common goal to bring the nuclear agreement (JCPoA) with Iran back to full force. We are working to ensure that practical steps are soon taken.”

The three European foreign ministers and their new American colleague Antony Blinken had previously discussed how Iran policy could be coordinated transatlantically again in the future. In the declaration, they reaffirmed a common interest in maintaining the nuclear non-proliferation regime and “ensuring that Iran can never develop a nuclear weapon”. They are ready to continue talking with China and Russia on this issue. With regard to the USA, it is emphasized: “If Iran fully meets its JCPoA obligations again, the USA will catch up. The USA is ready to start talks with Iran.”

Only with certain conditions

Iran should allow the controls of the international atomic energy authority again. The E3 and the US also expressed concern over recent measures by Iran to produce up to 20 percent enriched uranium as well as uranium metal. “There is no credible civil justification for these measures,” it said. The ministers also called on Iran to release all “arbitrarily detained nationals” of their countries.

Before the meeting, Foreign Minister Maas had accused Iran of making it more difficult for the US to return to the international nuclear deal. Iran is “apparently not relying on relaxation, but on escalation. This is a game with fire,” the SPD politician added.

Chancellor Angela Merkel spoke on the phone with Iran’s President Hassan Ruhani on Thursday. The United States withdrew from the nuclear deal under Trump and imposed sanctions. The new President Joe Biden has not ruled out a return to the agreement if Iran adheres to the guidelines. Iran, in turn, calls for the sanctions to be lifted first.

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