On the move on a divine mission: Bieber talks to prisoners about faith


On the road on a divine mission
Bieber talks about faith with inmates

Justin Bieber has been very religious for a number of years. Again and again, the singer confesses to God on social media – and now apparently in a rather unusual place. According to a report, the 27-year-old is visiting a US prison to speak to purified inmates about his beliefs.

Instead of touring the halls and stadiums in the USA, the Canadian singer Justin Bieber set out on a completely different tour. The 27-year-old visited an American prison to talk to the inmates about God. This is reported by the US celebrity portal “TMZ” and published pictures showing Bieber in the midst of the inmates in the California State Prison.

On one he sits with them in a circle of chairs in the prison yard, on a second with hands clasped in prayer inside the facility. According to US media reports, the religious pop star had his own pastor and his wife Hailey with him. According to the report, Bieber spoke primarily to those inmates who are part of the prison’s internal seminars.

According to Billboard, the superstar described the visit as “a life-changing experience” that he “will never forget. It was such an honor to hear their stories and see how strong their beliefs are,” they said Singer quotes.

The Bieber couple also share their faith. Justin Bieber and Hailey (formerly Baldwin) met in 2009 through their devout parents in a church. In 2018 they met again and learned to love each other. Shortly afterwards they got engaged. Hailey Bieber once revealed in a “Vogue” interview: “Our common denominator, I swear, is always the church.” Accordingly, they waited to have sex until they were officially married at the end of 2018.

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