On the southern border with Mexico: the USA is picking up more and more migrants

On the southern border with Mexico: the USA is picking up more and more migrants

On the southern border with Mexico

USA are picking up more and more migrants

Since Joe Biden ruled the United States, the number of illegal border crossings into the country has increased rapidly. Now the US authorities report: As many migrants as in May have not been apprehended within a month for 21 years.

In May, the US authorities apprehended more migrants on the southern border within a month than they had in more than two decades. 180,034 illegal crossings were registered on the border with Mexico, as the border guard CBP announced. The last time this mark was reached was in April 2000 with 180,050 illegal border crossings, according to data from the authority.

The numbers have grown rapidly since President Joe Biden took office. While 78,442 cases were recorded in January, there were 101,117 in the following month. Compared to the previous month, however, the number rose only slightly by one percent in May. However, 38 percent of the cases are people who have already been apprehended at least once within a year. The number of unaccompanied minors from Central America fell 23 percent to 10,765. For this, more adult migrants were picked up, a total of 121,082.

The US government is under pressure because of the large number of migrants arriving on the southern border. Biden has appointed Vice President Kamala Harris to handle the issue. On her first trip abroad in this office, Harris urged people from the region on Monday in Guatemala not to undertake the dangerous journey to the US border. “Don’t come,” she said. Anyone who comes to the border is rejected. Republicans accuse Democratic President Biden of sparking a crisis on the border with his more liberal migration policies.

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