One last time in the White House: Melania Trump presents Christmas decorations


A few weeks ago, US citizens learned what their first lady really thought of the Christmas decorations in the White House – namely nothing. But Melania Trump gritted her teeth one last time and is now revealing her pompous winter landscape.

62 Christmas trees, almost 125 kilos of gingerbread dough and thousands of lights: the outgoing First Lady of the USA, Melania Trump, unveiled the Christmas decorations in the White House for the last time. It is based on the patriotic song “America the Beautiful”, which is considered the unofficial national anthem in the USA.

The 50-year-old wrote on Instagram and Twitter that the decoration honored America’s “grandeur”. Together, the American people would celebrate the land “we all call home”. It is the last Christmas that the family of US President Donald Trump spends at government headquarters in the US capital Washington before his term of office ends on January 20.

The official Christmas tree of the White House with its 5.5 meters just fits under the ceiling of the “Blue Room”, one of the three salons on the first floor. Between yellow ribbons and garlands, it is adorned by pendants designed by schoolchildren from different parts of the country.

In the sign of the pandemic

The jewelry in the “Red Room” is under the sign of the pandemic: ambulances hang on the tree, a replica of a supermarket is on the fireplace, delivery services are also honored. A gingerbread house in the shape of the government headquarters can be seen in the banquet hall. Under the trees in the “Cross Hall”, which are mostly decorated with red balls, there are parcels labeled “Peace”, “Love” and “Joy”.

In the morning, the 50-year-old thanked the volunteers who had traveled to Washington from across the country over the weekend to help decorate the White House in an Instagram post. “Thank you so much for your time, enthusiasm and dedication in ensuring that the spirit of peace and joy fills the historic rooms and halls of the House of the People.”

In another post, the outgoing first lady shared further impressions. Among other things, she stands in front of Christmas trees decorated in classic red or a model train. The First Lady personally selected “every detail” of the decoration, the White House announced.

Lots of faux pas behind them

Just a few weeks ago, the world heard from its own lips how little she enjoys the tradition. Melania’s former friend Stephanie Winston Wolkoff published recordings of a phone call in which the first lady complained in hearty words about the lack of interest in the Christmas decorations. “I’m working my ass off with the Christmas things, but who cares about Christmas and decorations? But I have to do it, right?” She asked angrily.

The recordings are by far not the only thing that embarrassed the first lady. In recent years, the wife of the outgoing US president has caused a lot of ridicule and irritation on the Internet with her decoration. In 2018, for example, she erected 29 bright red Christmas trees in the White House under the motto “American Treasures” to commemorate the country’s unique heritage.

However, Twitter users tend to associate it with it Car washes or cruel bloodshed. “I think it’s cool, but does anyone know where I can get the blood of the innocent to paint my Christmas trees?” Asked a user.

Also in 2017 she was accused of transforming the White House with its cool, shiny white decoration Eispalast having transformed and spreading apocalyptic sentiment.

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