Only 20 days left – Donald Trump is running out of time

Only 20 days left – Donald Trump is running out of time

Almost three weeks before the election, Donald Trump is behind and is still looking for a hot topic – while millions of Americans have long been voting. That drives the president to places he never wanted to go.

Donald Trump came to Iowa on Wednesday evening. He began his speech on the airfield of the Des Moines airport by encouraging himself and his crowded supporters: There is a poll, according to the president, according to which he is ahead by six percentage points in Iowa.

But if the polls were as good as claimed, the President would not have appeared in the first place. In 2016 he had won Iowa by a margin of 9.5 percentage points and until recently, the sparsely populated agricultural state in the Midwest was considered a safe bet for him. But in the new polls there, he and his opponent Joe Biden are suddenly at eye level – or the Democrat is even in front of him.

The development and the visit to Iowa are typical of Donald Trump’s current situation. The incumbent is currently campaigning in states that he would certainly have believed. Actually, it should concentrate on the classic big contested states like Florida and Pennsylvania. But even in other countries that he thought was in his pocket, the surveys are currently so unfriendly for him that he feels compelled to stop by in person.

Not recovered from the double blow

On Friday he makes a stop in the southern state of Georgia. The last time a Democrat won there, Bill Clinton, was in 1992, but here, too, Biden is now just ahead of the polls.

The polls are only snapshots of the political mood, but they do not bode well. Trump has not yet recovered from a one-two blow in favor of the electorate. First he made a failed appearance in the first TV duel with Biden, shortly afterwards the best-protected man in the nation caught Covid-19 – and continued to play down the virus as a patient. The Americans gave him bad grades for all of this.

The TV duel was not a success for President Trump (r.). (Source: UPI Photo / imago images)

And now, less than three weeks before election day on November 3rd, Trump is clearly behind in the polls.

Millions of Americans are long out of reach

He can comfort himself with the fact that he managed to catch up at the last minute after his surprise win in 2016. But his deficit now is greater than it was then – and the polls are, according to the polls, more accurate than four years ago.

In addition, more Americans have voted than ever before – and are therefore out of reach for a candidate who relies on a last-minute change of mood.

In half of the states, so-called “in-person early voting” has long since begun, ie the early casting of votes in polling stations. Postal votes are already running in even more countries. 15 million votes have already been cast, ten times as many as at a similar point in time four years ago.

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In Georgia, which only opened its polling stations on Monday and where long queues formed, more voters voted early after just three days than in the entire 2016 election campaign there.

It is mainly Democrats and independent voters who are making use of the early voting option.

Trump is looking for a lever with which he can turn the mood as quickly as possible. But he robbed himself of one possibility: He withdrew from the second TV duel with Biden planned for Thursday evening.

A TV remote duel

The virtual format planned for the citizens’ office hour was not suitable for him. Biden then organized his own Town Hall on ABC television. Trump has now followed suit and will hold a similar format on NBC at the same time.

Biden prepared extensively for the appointment in front of an audience of millions on Wednesday. Trump had other things to do. He left the White House at 4 p.m. and didn’t return until around midnight – for the one campaign visit to Iowa, a state that under normal circumstances he would not have spent any time on.

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