OPPO unveils smartphone case to control smart home devices

OPPO unveils smartphone case to control smart home devices

OPPO has unveiled the world’s first case featuring UWB technology. OPPO One Touch Phone Case Set allows, in addition to directly protecting the smartphone, to provide control of smart home devices. The connected devices are controlled by using special complete stickers that are installed on the controlled device, for example, a robot vacuum cleaner, then the user just needs to point the smartphone at this device and double-click on the back of the case to change the state of the device from on to off or vice versa. The sticker informs the smartphone about the current state of the switch. In this case, it is possible to work in several modes Switch, Control Card, Startup. Switch mode turns the device on and off, Control Card mode launches the device management application, Startup mode launches a device-related control script. The manufacturer claims that the technology used provides centimeter accuracy and is capable of providing angular accuracy up to 3 degrees at distances up to 15 meters.

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