“Orderly transfer of power” – Trump is defeated


Still-President Trump failed with his last attempt to overturn Joe Biden’s election victory. After hours of chaos, Congress seals Trump’s end.

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The elected US President Donald Trump will no longer oppose the transfer of power to his successor Joe Biden. The official business would be transferred in an orderly manner on January 20, according to a message distributed by Deputy Chief of Staff Dan Scavino on Twitter on Thursday. Trump also confirmed that he did not agree with the outcome of the election.

But now it is official: Congress finally confirmed the victory of the Democrat Joe Biden in the presidential election after the violent storming of the US parliamentary seat early Thursday morning (local time). The incumbent US Vice President Mike Pence announced the official final result in a joint meeting of both chambers of congress. The Congress had previously had to interrupt its deliberations for several hours, because angry supporters of the elected US President Donald Trump had invaded the Capitol.

Dramatic conclusion of Trump

The formal post-election procedure in the USA stipulates that the results from the individual states are certified in Congress. Only then is it official who has won the election. It is the end of a long, formal act before a new president is sworn in. Usually this is a quick, formal procedure.

This year, however, it marks the dramatic end of an unprecedented campaign by incumbent Trump against the election result. The Republican had lost the election in early November by a clear margin to his Democratic challenger Biden. Trump refuses to admit defeat. Trump claims he was robbed of victory by massive election fraud. However, neither he nor his lawyers provided any solid evidence. Dozens of lawsuits from the Trump camp have so far been thrown out of courts, including the US Supreme Court.

The state electors have confirmed Biden’s clear victory. The Democrat got 306 of the 538 votes – 36 more than required. 232 electorates voted for Trump. These figures have now been formally confirmed in Congress.

For weeks, Donald Trump had presented this day of the congressional session – without any basis – as the last chance to overturn the election result. Fueled by his allegations of fraud, Republicans appealed the election results from the states of Arizona and Pennsylvania, forcing the House of Representatives and the Senate to withdraw to separate sessions on both occasions to debate the objections. However, the action had no prospect of success from the start. The Congress Chambers rejected both appeals.

Originally, Trump-loyal Republicans also wanted to challenge the results from other states. In view of the serious riot at the Capitol, however, several senators withdrew their support for the disruptive action, which was very controversial within the party.

Sessions had to be terminated abruptly

Thousands of Trump supporters poured into the US capital on Wednesday to protest against the certification of the election result. After a heated speech by the elected president, Trump supporters marched outside the Capitol to protest the certification of the presidential election results. Rioters stormed the congress building.

The two chambers of congress had to abruptly interrupt their sessions, parliament halls were cleared, and MPs and senators were brought to safety. Only after several hours did the security forces bring the situation back under control, after which the Congress demonstratively resumed its work. Biden is due to be sworn in on January 20th.

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