Oscar De La Hoya commented on Alvarez’s departure: “I created a superstar and I should be proud of it!”


The head of Golden Boy Promotions, Oscar De La Hoya, is not going to lose optimism after the sudden departure from his promotion company of the main pearl of the roster Saul Alvarez, who will fight undefeated 168-pound champion Callum Smith on December 19th.

“For a couple of weeks I was a little angry with myself,” De La Hoya said. – “I constantly thought that I did the wrong thing, what the company was to blame, in order to deserve this. But when you are open, and when you do everything right, having laid out all your cards on the table, then you start to be proud of yourself and say:” I raised a great champion, I created a superstar. I knocked out the biggest contract in the history of sports for him. ”I should be proud of that. It’s okay, I’m resigned.

I’m sure many fighters always think that the grass is greener across the street. Unfortunately, most of them eventually come back. Look, I wish him all the best. But at the same time, I believe that it was not his decision. All these are the people who surround him, they may have whispered it in his ear.

We will continue to do what we did. There are still plenty of talented prospectuses and champions in our pool. I am really excited about the potential that the next superstars will have. It will be fun”.

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