“Our husbands laugh at this.”


The similar appearance of the actresses sometimes drives fans crazy.

Australian actress Isla Fisher, best known for her films “The Illusion of Deception” and “Shopaholic,” recently talked frankly about how often she is confused with movie star Amy Adams, who starred in Sharp Objects. Indeed, the appearance of the actresses is very similar, but still they are different people.

Isla Fisher, 45, said that she is very amused when on the streets she is confused with Amy. True, recently this practically did not happen, since the actress spends most of her time in her house due to the pandemic. “Now, to be honest, I’m looking forward to being recognized as someone. I’m looking forward to going out, ”the star joked in one of the talk shows.

According to the actress, her family members are also having fun with such similarities between movie stars. “We laugh at this because Amy has blue eyes, and I have brown, our husbands also laughed at this,” Fischer said.

True, not only fans confuse actresses. Isla Fisher remembered how the singer Lady Gaga once mistook her for Amy Adams. “She goes straight to me and says, ‘Thank you. Your gig, Amy, was … “. And I think, “Oh my God, this is Lady Gaga. I love her so much. I do not want to tell her the truth, “” – said the star.

The actress got out of this situation thanks to the fact that the real Amy Adams entered the room at that moment. Isla said, “Here is Isla Fisher,” and walked towards Adams.

Photo source: Legion-Media

Author: Olga Chechevatova

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