Own family has to watch how man is executed

Own family has to watch how man is executed

A man is said to have been executed in North Korea in front of his family. His offense: he traded in films and music from South Korea.

In North Korea, a man was reportedly executed in front of his family after illegally selling USB sticks and CDs of South Korean music. The man was sentenced to death as an “anti-socialist element”, reported the South Korean news website “Daily NK”.

The man who came from the city of Wonsan is said to have been killed by firing squad at the end of April. Around 500 people, including his own family, were present at the execution. The relatives were forced to participate in the execution. The man was sentenced according to the “anti-reactionary thought law” introduced a year ago.

North Korean regime intensifies repression

He worked as a chief engineer for the Wonsan Farming Management Commission, the report said. The daughter of the leader of his people’s unit caught the convict trading in the South Korean films and music videos and reported him.

The man was then executed 40 days after his arrest. According to the authorities, this was the first execution in Gangwon Province as a result of the newly introduced law. Previously, North Koreans were not sentenced to the death penalty for such offenses but were sent to a labor camp.

With the new law, ruler Kim Jong Un wanted to prevent outside influences. Another 20 people are being prosecuted after being charged with selling South Korean music and films.

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