Paris mayor is probably running for the presidential election

Paris mayor is probably running for the presidential election

Anne Hidalgo introduced a nationwide speed limit of 30 in Paris and filled many executive positions with women. Now she apparently wants to become President of France – but in polls, the socialist is far behind.

Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo wants to run for the French presidential election next year. The socialist wants to announce her candidacy on Sunday during a visit to Rouen in northern France, as the AFP news agency learned from party circles on Wednesday. The presidential ambitions of the 62-year-old had been speculated for a long time.

Hidalgo has been the mayor of Paris since 2014. Most recently it made a name for itself when the city administration introduced a speed limit of 30 kilometers per hour on almost all streets of the French capital. During the corona pandemic, Hidalgo also greatly expanded bike paths and reduced the number of parking spaces. The terrorist attacks of 2015 and the sometimes violent protests of the “yellow vests” fell during her term of office.

Government with the Greens

In Paris, Hidalgo is forming a coalition with the Greens. She has committed herself to a socio-ecological course and is aiming to lure away voters who have been disappointed by President Emmanuel Macron. Her critics accuse her of making politics for Parisians and not knowing the area. In order to counter this accusation, she has traveled all over France in the past few weeks.

The politician was born Ana María Hidalgo Aleu in 1959 near Cádiz, she comes from a Spanish immigrant family who fled to France from the regime of the dictator Francisco Franco. Hidalgo has worked her way up from a modest background and is now mayor of Paris for the seventh year.

A court had sentenced the city to a fine of 90,000 euros because too many top positions were occupied by women. Hidalgo stated that she would pay the fine with pride. Ultimately, however, it was canceled.

Poor survey results

On Tuesday, Hidalgo announced that the environment was her top priority, but that the transition to greener living should not be “to the detriment of the middle and working class”.

In polls for the presidential election, Hidalgo currently only has approval ratings between seven and nine percent. Party leader Olivier Faure supports her candidacy.

In addition to Hidalgo, a number of other politicians have positioned themselves as challengers to Macron, including the right-wing populist Marine Le Pen and the founder of the left-wing party La France insoumise (The indomitable France), Jean-Luc Mélenchon. The Greens also want to send their own candidate into the race. It is taken for granted that Macron will run for a second term. However, he has not yet officially announced it.

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