Paris plans Tempo 30 throughout the city

Paris plans Tempo 30 throughout the city

From next year, a strict speed limit of 30 km / h will apply in Paris. The only exception is the ring road.

Paris wants to introduce Tempo 30 in the entire city area from next year. Only the Périphérique ring road should be excluded, as deputy mayor David Belliard announced.

First of all, the city administration wants to ask citizens about the plans. They are to be consulted electronically between October 27th and November 27th.

“There are too many traffic accidents”

“In 2021 Paris will go over to 30 km / h,” said Belliard, who is responsible for traffic planning, on Thursday evening to the AFP news agency. “There are too many traffic accidents with sometimes dramatic consequences.” In addition, the town hall expects less noise and lower emissions.

Mayor Anne Hidalgo had promised Tempo 30 before her re-election at the end of June. It forms a coalition with Belliard’s Green Party EELV. A citizens’ council for the climate set up by President Emmanuel Macron recommends such a speed limit in all French cities.

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