Passer-by finds documents from the Ministry of Defense

Passer-by finds documents from the Ministry of Defense

A passerby found explosive documents from the British Ministry of Defense at a bus stop in Great Britain. An employee left them in the middle of the rain. Its secret content is now known.

An employee of the UK Ministry of Defense left secret documents at a bus stop. A passerby discovered the completely soggy documents in the southeastern county of Kent and handed them over to the BBC, as the broadcaster reported on Sunday. There are almost 50 pages, including emails and presentations. It will be discussed, for example, how Moscow could react to the course of the destroyer “HMS Defender” through controversial waters off the peninsula of Crimea, annexed by Russia.

The ministry said the employee immediately reported the loss of the documents on Tuesday. An investigation was then initiated to clarify the whereabouts of the documents.

The Ministry of Defense takes a stand

The British government had emphasized that the “Defender” had – as covered by international law – chosen the fastest route between two points. From Moscow’s point of view, the warship entered Russian territorial waters illegally. The coast guard used warning shots and bombs to push the “Defender” away. London, on the other hand, speaks of a Russian military exercise and emphasizes that the destroyer has enforced freedom of navigation.

From the Ministry of Defense it was now: “As the public would expect, the Ministry of Defense makes all planning with caution.” Therefore “all potential factors” would be taken into account when making “operational decisions”.

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