Paul: “I will break Mayweather physically and mentally”

Paul: “I will break Mayweather physically and mentally”

The popular American YouTube blogger Logan Paul made another contribution to the promotion of the fight with ex-champion in five weight categories, compatriot Floyd Mayweather at an open training session, which will take place on June 6 in Miami.

“I’m not Alvarez or McGregor. I do not need to fit in 70 kg. And I don’t have to go into a fight that will determine everything for me. I have nothing to lose, so it will be fun.

I want to play. I’ll chase Floyd to get in. And I intend to break it, both physically and mentally. And you don’t need to compare me to someone else. Whatever they are, I am a different person.

Until recently, it all seemed unreal to me. I joked in a conversation with my manager that I would not believe what was happening until I entered the ring. But now I’m starting to believe, ”said the video blogger.

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