Paul Malignaggi believes that Fury will finally destroy Wilder

Paul Malignaggi believes that Fury will finally destroy Wilder

Former world champion Paul Malignaggi is confident that Deontay Wilder has almost no chance of winning the rematch with Tyson Fury on July 24th.

“I think Wilder will be finally destroyed in this fight,” Malignaggi said. “I think he’ll be beaten so badly that he’ll never be the same, considering how badly he was beaten last time.

I believe that in their first fight, Fury beat him on points. The second time, Wilder was simply beaten, and what happened to him usually changes many guys. I do not understand why he again begs for such a beating. After all, here’s the thing: Wilder does not know how to fight during the retreat. And he will not be able to learn it. You simply cannot mentally, psychologically and physically change yourself so that you suddenly learn how to box on the retreat. But Fury will put pressure on him.

As soon as Fury starts pushing him, he will also bully him. Fury comes from a culture that celebrates masculinity. Fighting is part of gypsy culture, part of who they are, it’s in their DNA. “

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