Pelosi remains chairman of the US House of Representatives


Nancy Pelosi is considered the most politically powerful woman in America. Now the 80-year-old Democrat has been re-elected for the top position in the House of Representatives. The question of power is still open in the Senate.

The Democrat Nancy Pelosi has been re-elected chairman of the US House of Representatives, remaining number three in the state. At the constituent meeting of the Congress Chamber on Sunday, with 216 votes, she just achieved the necessary majority for re-election for the influential top post. Their challenger, Republican Kevin McCarthy, got 209 votes.

For the past two years at the helm of the House of Representatives, Pelosi has been America’s most powerful woman politically and has often been President Donald Trump’s main opponent. In her new term of office, the 80-year-old should try to hold together the narrower democratic majority in order to support the political plans of President-elect Joe Biden.

The beginning of the legislative period was overshadowed by a heated argument over the outcome of the presidential election. As the first major official act, the Congress is facing a turbulent meeting on Wednesday (from 7:00 p.m. CET) to certify the election results.

Trump-Lager plan Disruption in the Senate

Several Republican MPs and Senators are planning a disruptive action that could drastically drag on the formal process. The project is highly controversial even in the Republican Party. The planned objection to election results from several states can delay the confirmation of Biden’s election victory by a few hours, but ultimately has no prospect of actually changing anything in the election result. This would require a majority in both chambers of parliament, but the Democrats control the House of Representatives. Protests by Trump supporters are also planned in Washington parallel to the meeting.

Pelosi had been chairwoman of the House of Representatives from 2007 to 2011. At that time, she was the first woman in the country’s history to hold the post. Pelosi has already signaled that this will be her last term in office. It ranks third in the political ranking behind the US president and his vice-president.

The Senate will not decide who will be in charge of the chamber in the future until the important runoff elections in the US state of Georgia on Tuesday. There are still two seats left. It is unclear whether the Republicans can hold their majority in the Senate and, as President, put obstacles in the way of Biden in political projects and block his personnel decisions. Should the Democrats win both seats, there would be a stalemate in the Senate, which the elected Vice President Kamala Harris could overturn ex officio in favor of the Democrats at any time.

Biden had clearly won the presidential election against incumbent Trump and is to be sworn in on January 20. Trump still refuses to admit defeat. However, no substantive evidence has been presented to support his claim that there was massive election fraud. All of Trump’s lawsuits against the election results failed.

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