Pentagon report announced: How the US is investigating the “UFOs”

Pentagon report announced: How the US is investigating the “UFOs”

One or the other may be alarmed by the thought that the US is grappling with alleged UFOs in the midst of a pandemic. In fact, the US Department of Defense has been dealing with mysterious flying objects for a long time. Soon it wants to report on its findings.

Are we being watched by aliens? UFO fans around the world are hoping for clarification through a US report that is to be published in June. Intelligence Director Avril Haines will then reveal the Defense Department’s previously secret research on unknown objects in flight. Speculation has been simmering for weeks, but expectations could be disappointed: instead of green Martian males, some of the UFOs could be backed by earthly actors through and through.

Recently, US Navy pilots reported on the respected television show “60 Minutes” about objects in flight they had observed moving with insane speed and agility. Even former US President Barack Obama had fueled the rumor mill. “There are some things about aliens that I can’t say here,” joked Obama on James Corden’s “Late Late Show” in mid-May. “What is true – and I’m serious – is that there are pictures and recordings of objects in the sky that we don’t know exactly what they are and that we can’t explain how they move.” And the former secret service director John Ratcliffe said in March on Fox News: “There are a lot more sightings than are made public.”

Simple explanations for mysterious objects?

The US Department of Defense has been researching unknown objects in flight for decades – or unidentified airspace phenomena (UAP), as the Pentagon calls it. Last year, Congress ordered some of these findings to be disclosed. While a short version of the report will be made public in the coming weeks, Congress will also receive a longer version with information that is still classified.

The Ministry of Defense had already published three videos last year with objects in flight that were classified as “unidentified”. A Pentagon representative now said that even mysterious sightings could have very simple explanations: It could be weather balloons or drones, among other things. In addition, many variables could mislead the pilot in his perception, such as the speed of his aircraft, reflections of sunlight or the weather. So an object that is actually moving slowly can appear very fast.

Worry about superior military technology

In any case, the Pentagon’s research is less interested in whether aliens actually visit Earth. Rather, the Defense Ministry experts are investigating the question of whether they might be dealing with new armaments technology from rivals such as Russia and China. It would be a nightmare for the world power if potential opponents had technologically superior military equipment. “The Department of Defense takes every report of the intrusion of identified or unidentified aircraft into our airspace very seriously and investigates each of them,” said Pentagon spokeswoman Sue Gough. “By collecting additional data, we want to close the gap between identified and unidentified and avoid strategic surprises with regard to opposing technology.”

That is why the Pentagon is so closed in its UFO research: If a new type of object actually comes from another country, the US military does not want to disclose what they know or do not know about it. Especially since that in turn would allow conclusions to be drawn about the US capabilities to locate and assign such objects.

Luis Elizondo, who worked on the Pentagon UFO program, recently told ABC broadcaster that some of the objects sighted “exceeded anything we have in our inventory”. “We know, whatever that is in our heaven, it’s real. The question is, what is it?” Perhaps the new US report in June will answer that question – or raise even more questions. Ufologists are waiting impatiently.

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